Care Instructions

We know you love your t-shirt and want to take care of it! But there really is no need for extreme measures like hand washing and air drying because it’s a t-shirt, not a Picasso painting.

Our printing will last through over 20 washes without any peeling or cracking. Some of our personal t-shirts are washed weekly and still holding well over 3 years!

Nonetheless, we’d recommend following the care instructions from the garment. In general, it’s better to stay away from hot water wash cycle and tumble dryer as it does more damage to the fibers which reduces the lifespan.

✅ Machine wash

✅ Tumble dry

✅ Iron over print

✅ Softener

❌ NO bleach


Special note on white tees. The ink is absorbed into the fibers, and therefore gives an extremely soft hand feel. The downside to this is that fibers are lost over washes, which means the print will appear to lose vibrancy over washes. But this would make an awesome vintage looking tee as well!